Nov 22, 2014

Acer Aspire R7-572G RAM upgrade and my experience

So, today I've upgraded my Acer Aspire R7 hybrid notebook to its maximum - 16GB of RAM.
Initially it had just 6GB of Kingston DDR3L PC12800 (1600MHz) CL11 1,35V RAM which was quite not enough for me cause I use huge graphics applications.

So here's how it looks inside (clickable)

And as You can see I swapped it to a couple of Corsair DDR3L PC12800 1,35V CL9 8Gb sticks. It's very important to use low-voltage (1,35V) SODIMM (204 pin) memory here. The process was really easy, just open the back cover, unclip two old chips, insert your new ones and clip them back. You will see the right angle of insertion after you unfasten old SODIMMs.
Here's what CPU-Z says before

 and after

I must admit everything's got much smoother now, the next stage is to fill this empty slot

with SSD, this possibility was helpfully designed by Acer. It will surely give all the system a real kick then. Because provided HDD is really slow, on random reading it hits just 1,5Mb/s and that's awful, it slows all the system down. So if you're looking for a boost for your R7 (and you do not use huge apps as I do) you'd definitely consider SSD upgrade first. By the way here You actually have 2 options: adding MSATA SSD (with or without default HDD), or replacing HDD by ordinary (not msata) SSD.

And finally I must tell you about my experience with this amazing hybrid system. I read a lot of ugly comments on its weirdness, on its back touchpad location. But, those people just didn't actually use this laptop for a while, trust me this touchpad is absolutely useless when you have touchscreen and active pen, I've even almost stopped using mouse, which I have been dreaming about for a long time. Ezel hinge is awesome invention as well and works like a charm, IPS screen is great even though it has some uneven lighting, but it covers 99% of sRGB and 76% of Adobe RGB gamut

I tell You, this hybrid is really underrated! I hope Acer will keep on working on it.

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