Oct 11, 2022

Vellum 1

Getting grasp of Vellum + some KineFX


Jul 29, 2022

RS procedural powdery snow with random walk

Procedural powdery snow update with the new random walk algo


Feb 22, 2022

Redshift powdery snow shader challenge

Fully procedural powdery snow shader challenge with Redshift renderer v1.2

Feb 8, 2022

Pass.Port update

 Pass.Port just got a big update to version 0.45

Pass.Port docked in AE UI

It is still very Beta, but I hope can be useful to you.

  • Bug fixes
  • UI overhaul, it should resize much better now
  • Support for all Redshift AOVs
  • AOVs names updated to the current Redshift C4D defaults
  • FPS (framerate) option is now fully respected
  • Browsing now unfolds to the previous folder
  • All fields are editable by user and being saved into settings

New options:
  • Parse button to rescan current folder without browsing again
  • Straight alpha option added. Also wanted to add Preserve RGB options, but ohh Adobe, they forgot to implement this
  • Quick help button added with a brief explanation of functionality
  • Imported utility and Beauty AOVs are now disabled (eye off) and moved to the top of the composition, so all you need is rearrange them in the right order, but it will be auto soon.