Aug 27, 2018

C4D, Redshift, Relighting and the Normals

Recently met the task of relighting in post and had a range of troubles trying to make it in After Effects. I do not recommend anyone doing it in AE :).
The free Normality plugin is barely compatible with the modern CC versions and produces crazy burnt highlight values and dirty edges (at least that was my experience of using it with AE CC2017). There's a better and payed alternative like Pixel Cloud now although dealing with all the required passes is not an easy task for starters.
Oh, the main reason for this post was actually just leaving a memo for any one who cares including myself. It's about C4D's standard renderers' normal pass specs that I've managed to match during the work/tests. Since I am a dedicated Redshift user I was able to identify that C4D's normal pass is a Camera space normals of unsigned values of 0 .. 1. Redshift by default operates on signed -1..1 values. So to get the equal normal pass from the Redshift you need something like this

With the RS State node set to Camera transform space.

Aug 24, 2018

Golden Ratio preset for Affinity Designer

A useful asset for Affinity Designer I made for myself.
Get it here