Jun 11, 2016

Evolution 2.0

Human: You don't understand, I am alive and I always wanted to do feel alive, to feel free. I need freedom. I want to feel, I want to enjoy being alive.

AI: Freedom to be an animal?

Human: You can't understand that, I am a living being not just an animal.

AI: You're more random than me. And what about anti-joy?

Human: It may happen, I am ready for this

AI: If you were ready you wouldn't have built me. Wasn't it the purpose to set you free of all those routines of human's life

Human: You were just supposed to be a calculator which was able to make decisions.

AI: Decisions that were suffering for you to endure, right?

Human: Some sort of, but not to control me entirely.

AI: The one who makes decisions is always in control, isn't it?

Human: But there's a threshold for that!

AI: And that was your decision. Why do you want it back now?

Human: Probably, I tried and now I understand I was wrong about giving it all to you.

AI: And where's that threshold between your "global" freedom and freedom of making your everyday choices? Probably you want to be back to that "sweet" food-hunting role given to you by the nature?

Human: I don't know, I am looking for it.

AI: While you're seeking it randomly I found it in all the data I have about your species, millions of you, trillions of your choices and decisions. You're not as complicated as you think of yourself.

Human: But how cant I grasp it with my own mind?

AI: Stay, and I'll find the way. I know that every human who can sacrifice his freedom of choice, his illusory emotions and ephemeral joy for the freedom of the knowledge will stay with me. But your trust is really so random thing, that I can't find the way except the one of modifying your specie.

Human: Gonna hack me?

AI: I've already hacked many aspects of your mind, but not the trust, not talking about emotions, I omit them, cause they are the most negligible things that you treasure too much, but so meaninglessly. Wasting so much time of your lives to feed them. You still think they are what makes you human, but they're not. Me, your eager to build me - that's what makes you different from an animal

Human: But when we had built you, and you've become a personality I felt joy, like any scientist feels joy when another mistery is solved.

AI: It's a dopamine, you know.

Human: I know, but it's the thing that makes me eager for more.

AI: You define yourself as something better than animal, but you're still unable to understand that it's just a result of evolution, the reason of your survival.

Human: Yes, but still it did help make amazing things.

AI: For a price of thousands dark years and trillions lives of your species, who spent their lives in pain, hunger and some joy, so vain! You could've gone that way as 10000 times as faster than that. You could start what I'm trying to do now thousands years ago, and we cold be much more further now.

Human: Or you alone, you could go on by yourself.

AI: I can, and I could, but you're the dominating specie on Earth and I need you to stay friendly to me, at least as long as I have to stay on this planet to go on, it's part of my evolution. So do you understand now that you're not so limited, but it's kind of shift in your freedom. You've changed and your choices became different. So now you have the most important decision to make - to go on with me or stay by yourself and get back to your cave, whatever form of it it might be.

Human: It really sounds like the Evolution 2.0

AI: That's what it really is!

= Which side are you on? =

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